Unveil The Chic

Have the confidence, passion, dreams, and obstacles, to be inspired with my life. Unveil the chic was founded in 2013. Unveil the chic is to uncover who I am, how fashion defines me, and how I see things odd and differently.

The Story

UTC is to unveil the true meaning of being myself and be true to me and how became to love myself. Grown up, I was made fun of and being called names. I picture myself in a secret place that is hidden behind a wall that has Silhouette, Arts, and Sculpture that is surrounded all over my secret world; a place that helps me to escape from everything and everyone that didn’t understand me. Fashion has had a big influence in my life. It doesn’t matter if I’m skinny, fat, pretty, ugly, afraid to fly, to drive, and can’t wear heels, or fit in. Fashion has given me the confidence to be myself and me. My inspiration comes from Fashion, Art, Culture, Architecture, Beauty, Music and odd things. I always used to say to myself culture create style without culture there wouldn’t be stylish. I was that person who tried to fit into so many things, but I realize I was different and fitting in was not my thing. So I started designing my own story and creating my own world.


About M.M.B


I truly have a passion to be creative. I want the world to know how being creative save and change my life. Until the day I started creating my own pieces of garments. I love who I am and what I do. I create my own design from pattern to sewing I learn to communicate to the world through my design. This is my way of expressing who I am. I wanted to find what was my purpose in life.


I hope my blog will help everyone find something that will save and change lives.