Reason to never doubt yourself

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When God has a plan for us whatever the plan is, it will go into motion. Early 2018, I moved to New York to pursue more with my life and dreams. By living in New York has been a great experience for me. At first, I was nervous to take the chance by moving so far from my family.

When I graduated from college, and my mom advised me to move to NY to follow my dreams. It was a message from God; I didn’t pay attention until late 2017 when hit me it was timed to move on. I need to take a chance; he provided me with a reason to never doubt myself. 

I see nothing but me 
Purse: @isawitfirst
I see nothing but me
Purse: @isawitfirst

I quit my job, sold my car, and give up my place, was I scared, yes I was. God has been watching over me throughout my journey. Don’t be afraid to take that chance to see what life has for you elsewhere.

Every day, I walk on the streets to work or other places, people says to me; you are a strong young woman. When do people see me walking, they always said to me why don’t I have a cane to hold on while I’m walking? I said to them; I never had or use a cane to hold on. It sounded crazy to me because I never had a cane or walker while I’m moving around.

In life, I have learned wherever I move to or live I will discover delightful people and mean people. All I could do is stay true to myself. People shouldn’t judge you if they don’t know who you are. It took me for a while to have trust in myself; I am happy with my life because I am different. I am who I am!!!!

Take the picture

Go after the life you want to have, listen to yourself heartbeat.

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