Time to Reveal

Time to Reveal

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After being bullied for so many years. I discover my skills, how I overcome so many obstacles in my lifetime. With my blog, people are going to take what skills that help me overcome the fear of being bullied.

How I was able to have the confidence to communicate with the world through my design. Unveil the chic was discovered in 2013. Unveil the chic is to uncover who I am, how fashion defines, and save me.

UTC is to reveal the true meaning of being myself and be true to me and how became to love myself. Grown up, I was made fun of and being called names. So, I picture myself in a mystical place that was hiding behind a wall that has Silhouette, Arts, and Sculpture that is surrounded all over my secret world; a place that helps me to escape from everything and everyone that didn’t understand me. Fashion has had a significant influence in my life. It doesn’t matter if I’m skinny, fat, beautiful, ugly, afraid to fly, to drive, can’t work, ride a bike, can’t walk straight, and can’t wear heels, or fit in. At the final stage, I know who I am.

Fashion has given me the confidence to be myself. I always used to say to myself culture create a style without culture there wouldn’t be fashionable. I was that person who tried to fit into so many affairs, but I realize I was different and fitting in was not my thing. Therefore, I started designing my own story and creating my own universe.

With my fashion skills, I will be helping people discover their skills, how that could save and change lives. How being bullied could help in so many ways. Over the years I became to love myself and get to recognize myself.

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