Hated myself


Hated Myself

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by


It’s time for me to take over my life, get out of my comfort zone and follow where my heart is telling me to go. Being creative gave me a new look at life. It took me a long time to discover how to love myself and accept who I am.

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I didn’t understand why me, so I hated myself for it. It was hard growing up because people made fun of my impairment. The kids didn’t want to talk and play with me. I felt so empty, miserable, and alone. I hated myself so much to the stage I was in a dark place it felt like I was in a dark black hole. I couldn’t get out, see anything and anyone but me in the dark place, where I hear people saying so many mean things about me. I kept everything inside my heart.

I will never forget the day I visited this school. There were so many other disabled children, some of them were mentally disabled and couldn’t speak and others were physically disabled and couldn’t walk. I look around me and realized that we all were created to be different for a purpose; it wouldn’t be a fun world and learn from each other if everyone was born the same.

Since I was afraid to do anything and also be able to communicate with people because I was to scare that others wouldn’t accept me since I was different. I was that young lady that was afraid to walk and front of people because I was wondering what are they saying about me while I’m walking.

I shut myself in a room building a list of things to do to see what I was good at, what things make me happy. When I’m sewing, buying fabric, and designing I feel like I’m in my own universe.

The first garment I ever sewed had people come up to me questioning me where did I get that garment. I told them I made it myself. That’s the day I realized I found the gift that serves me to communicate with all kinds of people and it changes my life.

Being different is a good thing; everyone delivers his or her own special gift. The greatest gift I ever gave myself, I learn to love me, stay positive, and I was grateful to still have the ability to manage things for myself. We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves at the final staged, we have to embrace who we are. The one particular gift we could ever give ourselves is to love who we are.


Pink dress design by me

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Escapism & Focus

Escapism and Focus

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by

This year I decided to set out a new project by focus on me, escapism my mind from pain.

Beginning a new journey is  a fresh start, it’s okay to step away from families and friends. Sometime is best to escape from evevyone or anything. No matter what the situation, don’t let your emotions overwhelm your mind.  Just stay strong and stand for yourself.


  • First of all, I  won’t let you hurt me anymore.
  • Why should I running from what is mine.
  •  You don’t have to love me.
  • I’ m not perfect, I’m not weak.
  •  You can’t break me, I am strong.
  • Who am I to judge.
  • I need to express my fashion creative.
  •  I don’t hold grudges.
  • You cause me so much pain why.
  • We are not the same person, its okay if all diferent from each other that’s the beauty of it.
  • Why should I let you.
  • You can’t have my personality it belong to me get your own.


  • You can delete my ideas, but you never know how to built it.
  • Will never give up, I am here to stay.
  • My purpose in life is to love myself and be me.
  • Life has taught me never get to close to anyone.
  • Keeping a postive a image.
  • The only happiness I have is loving myself.
  • No more escaping.
  • My life don’t need to be hard.
  • The pain help’s me to grow up, by facing the reality.
  • My self respect is very important to me.

  • Emotional could make me or break me.
  •  Learn to communicate through my work.
  • Life is not easy.
  • I am who I am.
  • Fashion helps me escape so many obstacles.
  • Am I strong because of you.
  • Escaping from my misery is the best gift ever.
  • The best way to escape the damage that happen to me is by letting go of the situation and move on.

Pushing myself to a new beginning.

Dress design by me

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