Stepping out of the color zone.

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by.

I am happy to be back after a month. It has been a busy month for me. I am working on many projects at the moment. First of all, I am redesigning my online clothing store, and sewing some garments and attending events.

Stepping out of the color zone.


Don’t you ever look in your closet and notice you have the same color silhouettes in our closet, but never something different. Well, I am one of them. In my closet, I have black, white, pink, red, and blue as you can see my closet is boring. I was afraid to try something new or change my closet. Until one day someone once told me if I don’t open the door I won’t know what’s behind it. For my next project, I am going to design every color I do not have in my wardrobe. It’s time for me to step out of the color zone and jump over new colors.

I decided to add yellow to my closet since I don’t have any garments that are yellow. I am brightening up my wardrobe.

Garment Details

I designed this new garment top and bottom I am so excited because one of the colors I don’t have it in my closet.

Top: The shirt is yellow with white and black polka dot and also white daisy.

When I made the pattern for the top, I decided to have the back open and add peplum that shapes like ladybug wings.

Bottom: The short is made with white lace, knit stretch fabric and to make it more fabulous I add side pockets.

The whole outfit is easy and comfortable to wear, not to loose or tight just perfect to move around without feeling uncomfortable.

The yellow fabric is 100% cotton

Lace 2 way stretch

Underlay knit 2 way stretch


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