Unveil The Chic makes everything on this site unless otherwise stated. Photography is either taken by me or is a collaboration with talented photographers for which they will be credited to on the appropriate post they’re linked with. My images can be shared across the Internet, but I do ask that you link back to my website as the source.


Please do understand that, as a fashion blogger, 80% of my garments and project will be designed by me. There are times when I am sent free items in exchange for product placement on my blog. I am grateful for every offer, but I remain loyal and selective to choosing whether the object coincides with my blog’s theme and whether or not it will benefit my readers. I like to share things my skills and how I feel. I’m also honest with my reviews and thoughts. If I dislike a product, I would either post a true pros and cons review about the product or refrain from sharing it with my readers, depending on brand preference.


Like many bloggers, I do use affiliate linking to gain a commission when linking to products. That will benefits both you and me, as I can link you to the exact or similar product to what I am mentioning for easier access to you. And the small amount of commission goes directly back to investing into making this blog a better place for all of us.