So what, it’s mine Style and Design


Black blazer dress style by me


We all were naturally made to be different from this universe; it wouldn’t be fun if everyone around the world were the same. How am I supposed to learn from other cultures if everyone looks like and behaves like me? We all make our fashion statement.

Red Strapless jumpsuit design by me

Not everyone out there going to appreciate what I wear or do. The last time I check I am who I am. I make a fashion statement every day with my style. All I can say is I love myself, and I am thrilled of whom I am. When some people look at me they think my mental capacity is damaged because I don’t walk in a straight line like they do or dress like them.

My name is Misly I am a fashion designer and a fashion blogger. Not long ago, I wore a strapless red jumpsuit with black tights and black ankle boots to a fashion show. Most people were complimenting me on my outfit they loved my creation because it was unusual. I was excited for myself because that day I pop out with a style that causes everyone’s eyes to talk about my red jumpsuit.

A couple of days ago I decided to post my picture of a Facebook group called, The Positive Black Images They Never Show You. This person has commented on my picture saying to me why did I wear that outfit, especially with these shoes. I would never wear something like that, she said to me. My response was thanking her good for you, everyone has different taste when comes to fashion, and I design it myself. She responded back to me with okay; you welcome. That moment I could tell she didn’t understand I am not trying to be like everyone else I am me.

The best fashion statement is to stand out from the crowd; I always say it to my client when I am styling them up. Pop out with a style where everyone’s eyes will be on you- Misly Beltinor


Makeup by me

I focus on my style.

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