Self-confidence in myself

self-confidence in myself


Creating my own design and believe in myself motivate me to have self-confidence in myself. There were so many things I wanted to try and say, since I didn’t have self-confidence in myself, I lose out on so many great things in my lifetime. It takes motivation and courage for me to step out of the corner I was in. Don’t let families and friends bring you down, it’s your life, your choice. At the end, it’s your decision.

With my sewing skills, I had to learn to have self-confidence in myself, it helps me to communicate with people. Once a month I go to network events to network with people to step out of my comfort zone, where I run into different business owners, entrepreneur and more. The first time I went I brought my cousin with me so I wouldn’t feel out of place or look at my phone every minute. When going to an event like this it helps to have confidence in me.

This month of August I went, with no one to company me, people at the door was greeting me. I was excited when some people started asking me questions about what I do. I was so happy I couldn’t stop talking about what I do and the skill that changes my life that night was even more exciting for me because I was wearing something I design. Get out there and meet new people. At the event, I came across this marketing company called CitySpotz it’s a company that helps people market their business and be found. There werw so many small businesses out there that people never heard of including me. I’m glad I had a talk with them; they will help me market my blog and my clothing store It’s always a good thing when trying something new.

Wearing white before labor day. What a fun summer, by wearing one of my favorite color and fabric. I love lace and hats.

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