Stepping out of the color zone.

Hello everyone thanks for stopping by.

I am happy to be back after a month. It has been a busy month for me. I am working on many projects at the moment. First of all, I am redesigning my online clothing store, and sewing some garments and attending events.

Stepping out of the color zone.


Don’t you ever look in your closet and notice you have the same color silhouettes in our closet, but never something different. Well, I am one of them. In my closet, I have black, white, pink, red, and blue as you can see my closet is boring. I was afraid to try something new or change my closet. Until one day someone once told me if I don’t open the door I won’t know what’s behind it. For my next project, I am going to design every color I do not have in my wardrobe. It’s time for me to step out of the color zone and jump over new colors.

I decided to add yellow to my closet since I don’t have any garments that are yellow. I am brightening up my wardrobe.

Garment Details

I designed this new garment top and bottom I am so excited because one of the colors I don’t have it in my closet.

Top: The shirt is yellow with white and black polka dot and also white daisy.

When I made the pattern for the top, I decided to have the back open and add peplum that shapes like ladybug wings.

Bottom: The short is made with white lace, knit stretch fabric and to make it more fabulous I add side pockets.

The whole outfit is easy and comfortable to wear, not to loose or tight just perfect to move around without feeling uncomfortable.

The yellow fabric is 100% cotton

Lace 2 way stretch

Underlay knit 2 way stretch


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Self Confidence


Hello everyone, Thanks for stopping by









Creating my own design and believe in myself motivate me to have self-confidence in myself. There were so many things I wanted to try and say, since I didn’t have self-confidence in myself, I lose out on so many great things in my lifetime. It takes self motivation and courage for me to step out of the corner I was in. Don’t let families and friends bring you down, it’s your life, your choice. At the end, it’s your decision.


With my sewing skills, I had to learn to have self-confidence in myself, it helps me to communicate with people. Once a month I go to this event called The Network founder of Marissa KLipton, where I run into different business owners, entrepreneur and more. The first time I went I brought my cousin with me so I wouldn’t feel out of place or look at my phone every minute. When going to an event like this it helps to have confidence in you. This month of August I went, with no one to company me, people at the door was greeting me. I was excited when some people started asking me questions about what I do. I was so happy I couldn’t stop talking about what I do and the skill that changes my life that night was even more exciting for me because I was wearing something I design. Get out there and meet new people. At the event, I came across this marketing company called CitySpotz it’s a company that helps people market their business and be found. There are so many small businesses out there that people never heard of. I’m glad I had a talk with them; they will help me market my blog and my clothing store

Red Romper: Design by me

Fabric Twill, with no waist seam

Handbag: Forever 21

There are so much out there to learn from, most importantly, I learn to have self-confidence in myself and not to be afraid to take the next level of my life.

Self-confidence quotes I created to remind me why I wanted a different life for myself.

  • I am a chic woman that’s out of the box
  • Don’t discourage yourself
  • Trust your instincts by building your own personality
  • Don’t talk about what you want to do just do it
  • The best thing you could ever do with your life is to design your own story
  • Always focus on yourself, put yourself first, you came into the world alone not with anybody else.
  • What’s meant to be will always find a way
  • Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.
  • The world wouldn’t be different if everyone dresses the same and look the same.
  • Stay true to yourself and your work.
  • I believe life will take me anywhere I want to go.
  • Stop blaming yourself for everything that happens to you. Things happen for a reason. It could be a bad thing or a good thing, either way, we learned.


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Bloggers recognition award


I am so excited I won

Bloggers recognition award

I am very excited and so proud to announce that two bloggers and nominated me for the Bloggers recognition award for my post Why I Hated Myself, and my post Time to Reveal. I am very excited to know that others inspired by my post. Thank you so much as a new blogger that has been blogging for two months it means a lot to get the nomination.

How I started blogging

After years of hiding my feelings, I was afraid to do anything, until one day I realize I was created to be different for a reason. Sewing my pieces of garments little by little I learn who I am and what is my role in life, I also learn my strength and my weakness. I can’t run, ride a bike. Being creative has saved and changed my life. I love who and what I do. I create my own design from pattern to sew garments. I learn to communicate across the globe through my design. It is my way of expressing who I am. I wanted to see what was my purpose in life. The whole time it was in me. I hope the story of my journey will inspire and help someone find something that will save and change lives. With my fashion skills, I will be helping people reveal their skills, how that could save and change lives. Over the years I got to love myself and get to recognize myself.




My Advice to new bloggers


  1. Blogging is a lot of work, it’s not something that happens overnight, a lot of time we read articles about how you could become successful in blogging by making lots of money. What people fail to realize is that successful people don’t tell you the secret of how they make it. Therefore, it’s up to you to make that happened to go out there network your butt off if you want to see your blog succeed.
  2. Bloggers don’t you ever let families and friends tell you are wasting your time by doing something for yourself. Just because they didn’t make it doesn’t mean you won’t. It’s all about hard work, network, dedication, and believe in yourself.

There are a few very simple rules to follow when accepting this reward


  1.  I must thank the Blogger who nominated me and provide a link to their blog.
  2. I must write a post to show the award.
  3. I must write a brief story on how my blog started.
  4. I must give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. I must select 15 bloggers to pass this award on to.
  6. I must comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated for this award and provide a link to this post.



My 15 nominees to pass on this award are as follows



Be the reason, someone smiles today, that was a great article

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  2. Wedding Shoe Stress. When it comes to a wedding it could be stress.
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  4. work hard and achieving your dream
  5. Around the world
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  14. Emotions On my Sleeve


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Why I hated myself

   Why I hated myself

Hi, Thanks for stopping by

It is time for me to take over my life, get out of my comfort zone and follow where my heart is telling me to go. Being creative gave me a new look at life. It took me a long time to discover how to love myself and accept who I am.

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I didn’t understand why me, so I hated myself for it. It was hard growing up because people made fun of my impairment. The kids didn’t want to talk and play with me. I felt so empty, miserable, and alone. I hated myself so much to the stage I was in a dark place it felt like I was in a dark black hole. I couldn’t get out, see anything and anyone but me in the dark place, where I hear people saying so many mean things about me. I kept everything inside my heart.

I will never forget the day I visited this school. There were so many other disabled children, some of them were mentally disabled and couldn’t speak and others were physically disabled and couldn’t walk. I look around me and realized that we all were created to be different for a purpose; it wouldn’t be a fun world and learn from each other if everyone was born the same.

Since I was afraid to do anything and also be able to communicate with people because I was to scare that others wouldn’t accept me since I was different. I was that young lady that was afraid to walk and front of people because I was wondering what are they saying about me while I’m walking.

I shut myself in a room building a list of things to do to see what I was good at, what things make me happy. When I’m sewing, buying fabric, and designing I feel like I’m in my own universe.

The first garment I ever sewed had people come up to me questioning me where did I get that garment. I told them I made it myself. That’s the day I realized I found my gift that serves me to communicate with all kinds of people and it changes my life.

Being different is a good thing; everyone delivers his or her own special gift. The greatest gift I ever gave myself, I learn to love me, stay positive, and I was grateful to still have the ability to manage things for myself. We all have things that we don’t like about ourselves at the final staged, we have to embrace who we are. The one particular gift we could ever give ourselves is to love who we are.









A place to clear your mind. Dress design by me, Floral black print.

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Time to Reveal

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